Rules of Engagement


1. Email, or message us on social media, to set up your initial intake appointment. Please let us know brands/items you are interested in consigning. We ask that you have a minimum of FIVE approved items to open an account. (Some exceptions apply, please inquire)

2. After we have set up your account, please contact us each time you want to bring items in. Our needs change, so we will ask you to give us a brief description before an appointment is set.

3. We start collecting Spring/Summer items in February, and Fall/Winter items in July. We take less items after these times. Transitional items i.e. jeans, Lululemon, accessories, and luxury pieces are accepted year round.

4. Please bring in items freshly laundered or dry-cleaned, and folded neatly in totes, or reusable bags. Please no garbage bags, or hangers.  Items with heavy scents or pet hair will be turned away.

5. Your items become our property once they are in our possession, unless otherwise agreed upon.

6. We do not guarantee that your items will be featured on our socials or website. We post items based on popularity, seasonality, and specific events.

7. Prices of items are determined by us, based on our expertise. If there is a particular price you would like to get for an item, please communicate that at the time of your appointment.

8. We may adjust the price of an item, this is at our discretion. For luxury items, we will contact you first.

9. We offer TWO end of season sales: Dec/Jan and July/Aug. All seasonal items that do not sell during these sales will be DONATED on to our Bargain Attic. This is part of our Pay It Forward Program. This allows us to donate to many local organizations, often cash. We also host spontaneous sales, and will discount items as we see fit.

10. If there are items at the time of your appointment that we do not accept, you have the option to donate those items to our Pay it Forward program.

11. If we discover an item is damaged/stained at ANY TIME, it will be donated.

12. It is up to you to check your account, WE DO NOT CONTACT YOU. If you do not collect your money after 5 months of its availability, it will be turned into store credit.

13. All luxury items will be authenticated before we can sell it. If an item is to be found fake, you will pay $25 for the process.

14. When consigning luxury items, it is always helpful if you can include the original receipt, and any accompanying packaging.

15. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.