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First time? Things to Consider Before Making A Luxury Resale Purchase

First time? Things to Consider Before Making A Luxury Resale Purchase

In recent years, the allure of luxury fashion has transcended its original exclusivity. With the rise of the luxury resale market, acquiring coveted designer pieces has become more accessible than ever. However, while the appeal is undeniable, there are important considerations to bear in mind before diving into the world of luxury resale. Let's explore the key factors you should consider to ensure a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

1. Authenticate, Authenticate, Authenticate

The cornerstone of a successful luxury resale purchase is authentication. Counterfeit goods flood the market, and without proper vetting, it's easy to fall prey to scams. Reputable platforms and stores employ authentication experts who rigorously scrutinize items to guarantee their authenticity. Before making a purchase, be sure to research the seller's authentication process and verify their reputation within the resale community.

At Luv Scarlet, we are experienced in authentication, while also use third party companies. We guarantee authenticity, giving you 100% of your money back if an item is deemed not authentic.

2. Condition is Key

Given that most luxury resale items are pre-owned, it's imperative to carefully assess their condition. Sellers should provide detailed information about any wear and tear, as well as photographs that highlight any imperfections. If possible, request additional images or descriptions to ensure you're fully informed about the item's state.

At Luv Scarlet Luxury we only sell items rated a 9/10 or higher. For vintage items, we always ensure they are in "Good" or "Excellent" vintage condition. It is also important to understand that the better condition a bag is in, the higher the price! If you aren't bothered by a few surface marks, its a great way to save money!

4. Research Retail & Market Prices

Understanding the market value of the item you're interested in is vital. While luxury resale often offers more affordable prices than buying new, it's important to be aware of fair market value to set expectations before you purchase. 

We are proud to offer competitive and fair market pricing. Although, we highly encourage you to do your own research into brands and bags you are considering.

5. Consider Rarity and Desirability

Some luxury items are highly sought after due to their rarity, limited editions, or iconic status. These factors can significantly impact their resale value. It's essential to factor in the item's popularity and scarcity when assessing its price.

6. Understand Return Policies

Before finalizing your purchase, familiarize yourself with the return/exchange policies. The majority of consignment or resale stores (us included!) DO NOT offer returns or exchanges.

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