Bag Rental General Questions

Luv Scarlet Bag Rental is a platform that give you access to rent the latest luxury bags—without breaking the bank!

We guarantee 100% authenticity on all our luxury items. Each bag is carefully inspected, and authenticated before we offer it to our clients. If any of our items are found to be inauthentic, we give you 110% of your money back. We also expect the same authentic item with the exact serial/date code matching is returned.

Our head office is located in Dorchester, Ontario, Canada


All our items are in very good condition. We do not accept items with a rating lower than 8/10 condition. However, vintage pieces might have some signs of wear.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

We offer local delivery to clients in London, Stratford, and Grand Bend/Goderich


We inspect, and clean each bag before it is sent to our next renter

We receive multiple items a week from our lenders/consigners. Handbags from Luv Scarlet’s personal catalogue are also available to rent. If you are interested in becoming a lender, please email

Luv Scarlet Bag Rental is not associated or affiliated with any brand displayed on our website. All copyrights reserved to the original holder. Luv Scarlet Consignment takes every precaution to ensure that the products sold by us, and posted on our website and social media platforms are 100% authentic. 

Renter Questions

TBD, are we including a sign up form, or are we emailing them a contract???

Currently, we only rent to local Ontario clients in the London, Stratford, and Grand Bend areas

Our items can be rented for 3 days, 15 days, or 30 days

Only one rental at a time is permitted

Yes! Our offices are located in Dorchester, Ontario (just outside of London). Please email, or message us on Instagram (@weluvscarlet) for details

Your rental period starts when the bag arrives to you. For local pick up’s, the rental period starts on the day you pickup your rental

Your rental period ends after the 3, 15 or 30 day period you chose at checkout from the date it was delivered. (Tracking will state date of delivery)

We will provide you with the return shipping instructions once you place your order. Just attach the pre-paid label that was sent in your box, and drop it off at the nearest Canada Post location.

If you chose the local pick up option, please return to our Dorchester head office, and drop off the bag upon the due date. 

Your item should be returned and scanned at a post office no later than the due date of your item. If your item was scanned later than the return due date, a late fee will be applied at $50 per day.

A late fee of $50 per day will be charged. This applies to the 3, 15, and 30 day rental options

Absolutely! Please notify Luv Scarlet Bag Rental of your desire to extend your rental term. Upon notification, we will email you an invoice through which you can pay for the extension, so there is no need to send back the bag in the mean time. 

All of our items are insured

Unfortunately, all rentals are final, and cannot be refunded or switched

No. The length of time is already set at checkout, please choose your timeframe accordingly

No. Our items can only be used by the renter

No, simply enjoy your item and return it in the same condition as it was received. If you damage an item, please do not clean, paint or try to fix damages as it might do more harm to the bag.

If the bag is returned in a non re-rentable, or sellable condition to our company standards, and is not easily repairable, you are responsible for paying the full retail/market price (MSRP) indicated on the listing as per the terms and conditions agreement you signed. Major damage would be: stains, tears, rips, broken parts, gash, any visible wear bigger than the size of a dime.

Minor wear and tear like tiny scuffs or rub wear or scratches on hardware is normal and you will not be charged for any minor wear and tear smaller than a dime size. If the damage is larger please contact our customer care.

You will be responsible for the full MSRP of the bag, which will be assessed by us

No. Minor wear is understandable and can be cleaned and touched up at a bag spa. However, if the minor wear and tear is in several areas, and we believe you did not care for the bag, a spa service charge may be applied, ranging from $100-$300.

The cleaning service fee you see at checkout is so that you know that the bag coming to you has been cleaned, disinfected and will be cleaned and disinfected again upon return. This service fee is to pay our staff for the ongoing cleaning sanitary process we have implemented to keep both parties happy, and safe.

At this time, we are only offering rentals to local clients in the London, Stratford, and Grand Bend/Goderich areas. 

Lender Questions

In the rare event of your item being lost, stolen, or damaged, You will be compensated the full MSRP of the item. This will be assessed by us.

We currently only rent to existing Luv Scarlet clients, or new local clientele. Anyone who rents our bags must provide all pertinent information, and sign a contract.

Every lender gets paid out at the end of every month, when their bag gets rented out

You just don’t get paid until it is rented out. However, you can request to lower the rental amount to push for a possible renter.

In the meantime, all our bags in our rental program are available to purchase outright through our website, or social media

As long as your bag is not currently being rented out, then we are more than happy to return your item to you. If you require shipping, you will be responsible for that fee.

As long as you like!

You make a 50/50 split on the amount it is being rented out for without doing anything other than getting your bag to us. We handle all the photography, processing, shipping, receiving, and marketing. You just relax and let the money roll in!

Yes. All our items must be in our possession at our head office in Dorchester, Ontario so we can ensure authenticity, manage quality control, and handle any disputes. If you are local to the area, you are welcome to drop off your items. Please inquire within.

Rental Account

This is a secondary security measure not only to verify your identity, and is similar to giving your credit card to a car rental, or hotel to keep on file. This will ensure our handbag is safely returned or compensated for if damaged or not returned.

No. We do not check your credit, or run any credit checks.

No. We do not place security holds on your credit card.